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About Us Who We Are


Bluetech Cooling Equipments is a leading manufacturer & exporters for Industrial cooling towers , Chillers, evaporative cooling towers & Heat Exchangers. We started to cater a reliable engineering cooling solutions for process industries & other industries with highly qualified Engineers more than 15 years of experience inthe field of HVAC Industry. Honesty is our key for success & customer feedback is our growth.

VISION: Supplying our range of products across the world & satisfying our clients.

MISSION: Design, Supply & Erection of all range of our superior quality products.

TEAM: Bluetech has Qualified dynamic engineers team for Design, Material, Production planning, Quality Assurance & Services.

IQMS: Internal Quality Management Systems
Bluetech entire team practicing Internal Quality Management system (IQMS) to achieve quality.Our methodology for each and every aspect to satisfy our clients & value their purchase.

WHY TO CHOOSE BLUETECH: Uncompromised superior quality, genuine service, On time delivery, No false commitment, & professionally qualified engineers team to Serving a better cooling solution for your requirement.

Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) - Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs for cooling technologies
Bluetech cooling Equipments products are manufactured as per the standards of CTI which address evaporative heat transfer systems (EHTS), or cooling devices that use water as the substrate for cooling, as well as other forms of heat transfer equipment. This collection defines the manufacture, installation and use of this technology in numerous applications and hence our product compete with any international brand, anywhere in the world.

CTI standards permit you to improve installation safety, minimize impacts from poor performance, reduce costs for cooling technologies and improve efficiencies with shared terminology. (Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) is an organisation based in the United States of America and is committed towards the education, research & development and advocacy of high performance standards of cooling systems worldwide.)